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One small cat changes coming home
to an empty house to coming home.
(Pam Brown)

Dear cat lovers!


We are glad to welcome you to the home cattery «Crystal Love». Cats have always lived in our house as our pets and friends. The cattery «Crystal Love» was founded in 2010. It is registered with the International Cat Fanciers 'Association International Cat Fanciers' Association (ICFA), Inc. Rolandus-Union International.
The main purpose of the cattery in breeding British Shorthair is getting a type as close to the ideal described in the standard, as possible. British Shorthair is one of the oldest breeds that were bred in the UK. The breed features high intelligence - these cats are very clever and are easily trained. They are modest and unobtrusive in daily life, and understand a master at a glance. These cats have thick wool that does not require special care, also possessing well-developed muscles and good health. They are extremely clean at home. These breeding qualities are firmly anchored and passed down from generation to generation. A guarantee that your cat will be an athlete, smart and beautiful, is a pedigree of an international standard, which is issued to a kitten by the club. Ideal pedigree is one in which four generation ancestors are coded - BRI -. This is considered to be a thoroughbred pedigree. Animals with such pedigree are of great value and are guaranteed to give strong offspring, possessing all the attributes of the breed. Our cattery provides only purebred kittens with the best clubs in Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia and Ukraine. Animal producers are titled participants in international exhibitions.


We are excited about our cattery kittens of various colors, but the main purpose of breeding is getting the rarest color in the British breed: Bri silver shaded point and Bri silver tabby point. These unique animals have white hair and blue eyes. Their precious white coat is very thick and resembles a mink, and sky-blue eyes seem bottomless. Cats in British silver chinchilla do not mark their territory. And this is another great quality that makes these animals unique. These extraordinary beauties became a great decoration of our home and are our best friends.

We love our cats. We take great care of them and make sure that they grow up healthy and happy.

Let our kittens improve your life!







Cattery owner,

Okrepkaya Tatyana.








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