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Our cat Ceasar Crystal Love was the best red shaded British Shorthair Cat in United States, 2013, and he was included to the catalog of the world best cats! This catalog was sent to all clubs of The International Cat Association (TICA) in the world. Our cat lives in Orlando (USA) since 2013. Ceasar`s photogallery you can see in section “Cat-Male”. 

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Award of excellence2

DB4 53511



NОW sale on the British Shorthair kittens of the litters: W2, V2, Z2, Y2
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YAK 0429 

Wicca soska female

YAK 0245

Venera soska female





YAK 0518 

Wins soska male 




YAK 0282


Woltaire soska male 




 YAK 7608

Yeric soska male 

 YAK 7661

Zag soska male 

YAK 7527 


Zodiac soska male  

















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