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Our cat Sir Avalon came from Germany to our  beauties kitties. He is handsome, European-style, big, heavy cat. Sir Avalon`s  bright white fur coat and deep blue eyes make him stand out  from all the rest. But most importantly he is an intelligent and obedient. He likes to play football, considers the birds on windowsill, runs out on dates, gently hugging and kissing their kitty. They have a happy family.

YAK 5283

Name: Sir Avalon (Germany)

Breed: British Shorthair (BRI)

Color: BRI  silver shaded point (BRI ns 11 33)

Sex: male

Date of birth: 22-04-2011

Title: Champion (08-04-2012) - CAC; International champion (21-10-2012) - CACIB




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